Feedback Survey
Question 1 out of 16
Do you think that we successfully provided information on key issues and topics that are of importance to you and your business?
Question 2 out of 16
Are there any other topics you would like to see included for next year?
Question 3 out of 16
How valuable did you find the networking time?
Question 4 out of 16
How do you believe this event compared to others you’ve attended in the industry?
Question 5 out of 16
How do you think this conference could be improved?
Question 6 out of 16
Following this event, do you feel that you understand the vision for SolarWinds MSP and how this benefits you and your business?
Question 7 out of 16
If you answered no to the above question please explain why.
Question 8 out of 16
Based on your experience at this event would you be likely to attend future SolarWinds MSP events?
Question 9 out of 16
Out of the breakout tracks which did you attend the most?
Question 10 out of 16
How did you rate the Awards Dinner?
Question 11 out of 16
Did you find the demo stations useful? Why
Question 12 out of 16
Did you find face-to-face time with the SolarWinds MSP Executive team valuable?
Question 13 out of 16
Where in the US would you like to see the next SolarWinds MSP Event?
Question 14 out of 16
How likely are you to recommend SolarWinds MSP to a friend or colleague?
Question 15 out of 16
Please tell us why you gave this rating?
Question 16 out of 16
Please advise if you are happy for us to use and potentially quote your feedback from this event?